SimDragon's Journal

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Murphy's Law seems to have attacked me in full force when it came to getting my PC back online after the move to my parents' house. A week after moving in, I'm still not fully functional...

It took the ADSL key a bit longer to arrive than I had hoped. Installed it fine. Then tried to connect to Bigpond (which I really, really would prefer not to use, but we don't appear to be able to get get ADSL here... I much prefer iiNet!!)... do you think the CD ROM they provide comes with an installer for the client? No. You have to download it. Which kinda requires an internet connection in the first place... duh!!!

Called Bigpond, who didn't want to speak to me as I wasn't an authorised account holder (!?!)... eventually got the client installed. But no joy connecting. At that point Telstra wiped their hands (though the support officer should have told me to try rebooting the cable modem) - they told me it was a network fault (which I knew it wasn't).

So... the next day (yesterday) I got Scott to come over to take a look. After a few hours of trying everything, evenutally thought to reboot the cable modem (d'oh... I should have thought of that!) Finally I could log on to Bigpond, and access the internet!!

Today I tried to send some email using Outlook... Ba BOW!!!! Not working. I appear to be able to log onto the mail server, but it is not responding to me. I'm not sure if that is because I am now using a Bigpond IP address rather than an iiNet one? ARGH!!!!

And yesterday I managed to fry my parents' George Foreman grill, and the circuit breaker while I was at it... $195 for the electrician to come in and fix the circuit breaker, and the grill is yet to be fixed.

I am really not having a good week!!