SimDragon's Journal

Thursday, January 06, 2005

It was a bit depressing returning home tonight - dropped off by a girl in my Rotaract club, now that I no longer have a car - to an empty house.. and I mean empty. Not only is Scott gone, but so is the majority of the furniture! It's a little eerie... definitely not a home anymore, but a house.

I entered the marriage with a car, washing machine, and microwave, but now I don't have any of those things. The car in particular is going to be a pain to have to replace. I got to enjoy a brand new car for just 3 months! Oh well...

The majority of the furniture I am leaving with is all 2nd hand. Not that I mind - I'm more than happy to purchase 2nd hand furniture if it is in very good condition. Scott and I had purchased huge, expensive couches and a huge, expensive bed, which were both extremely comfortable, but in hind sight, possibly not worth spending thousands of dollars on considering I spent the whole of 2004 in debt.

I don't have enough whitegoods here to really live here right now - cooking tomorrow is just not going to happen! But I am only here for 2 more nights, and then I will be moving in with my parents for a while.

I'm not going to have internet connectivity on my PC at my parents' house initially, which is going to be a bit of a trial. I will just have to answer as many emails I have downloaded as possible before I make the move. :P

I have been busying packing everything into boxes, which is what I am going to be spending the majority of tomorrow doing as well. I might need to try to make a few trips over to my parents house while they are here with a car.

My little Juliet definitely knows something is up... she has been out of sorts for the past week or so. She has spent the majority of today sleeping inside - she wasn't too interested in going outside, which is very unusual for her. She is sleeping just outside the door to my study now. I hope she adjusts to the move today.

I have been collecting her toys - we have been able to rescue all her balls and mice from under the furniture, now the furniture is gone. I decorated her little cat carrier to try to make it more appealing, though the only times she has been in it before have been to go to the vet, so she will no doubt be a very stressed little kitty on Saturday!

Even though Scott has left now, the whole thing still doesn't quite feel real. It's weird. I wonder how he is getting on tonight with his parents...