SimDragon's Journal

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Feeling very listless today, very drained. I was very tired yesterday too. Not sure if it is because mum and dad are home, or if it's something else I'm picking up on. Very strange.

I was home yesterday, and most of today with it being a public holiday (apart from being out this morning to help with the Australia Day breakfast). Haven't achieved anything... just haven't felt like doing anything! *sigh* I'd be hard pressed to tell you what I've actually been doing today!

I did do a few things yesterday - I spent the bulk of the day helping my friend Chris do some research for 3 dissertations he has to write, and I enrolled at Central TAFE to study Spanish. Didn't do anything else though.. I had wanted to work on my Rotaract Club's website, but didn't touch it, today or yesterday...

I'm really struggling with getting anything at all done right now. I seem to crave learning - I want to get on with my courses. They will start next week. Unfortunately Paramount doesn't seem inclined to give me as much recognition of prior learning as I thought I would be entitled to, which has thrown a spanner in the works. Come to think of it, I have felt drained ever since I opened my letter from Paramount yesterday turning down half my RPL application... :( I wondered if I had made the right decision transferring to Paramount... still, I haven't withdrawn from AIHM, so I can see how things pan out this semester.

On the other hand, I don't feel like I've actually had a holiday, since my Christmas break from work was very traumatic emotionally separating from Scott. I still feel very drained from it. I had so many things I had wanted to do during those 3 weeks - I still haven't touched most of them. So in that respect I don't want my classes to start again just yet. Then again, if I could afford to study without having to work, that would be ideal... but, I can't see that happening...