SimDragon's Journal

Monday, November 15, 2004

Keep on walking that road and I'll follow
Keep on callin' my name I'll be there
And if a mirror should break
It's easy to take
Cause deep down I know that you care
I'm not superstitious

I'm not superstitious,
I have no doubt
That there's a reason,
How things turn out
While things are changin'
From day to day
I'll keep this feelin'
With me all the way

And I want you to know
That you're on my mind
Every day, all of the time, so

Keep on walking that road and I'll follow...

I have no idea why I have Europe's Superstitious stuck in my head... it's quite catchy :)

Ok, quick update on life...

Weather is absolutely beautiful, around 30 degrees. After days with reasonable rain last week - quite unseasonable - it didn't feel like summer would ever get here. But the weather seems to have switched over to summer mode now, and if this is anything to go by, we're in for a hot summer. I'm not complaining one bit - I love the hot weather. It gives me more incentive to be more sensible about my weight... :)

My car is still at the panel beaters. I'm not likely to get it back until at least this Friday, which makes 3 weeks without my car. *sigh*

Studywise, my exams are over, as are my classes at AIHM. I still have 2 more reflexology classes this year to go, and I will be working in the AIHM student clinic until the week before Christmas. *sigh* That's grating on my nerves a bit, but I am starting to get some clients request me, which is nice. :) The fees are going up in a fairly major way next year, especially the fees to work in the clinic, and I'm going to vote with me feet on that... I'm checking out Paramount College this Friday, which is a little further from home, but has 100 fewer hours I have to accrue in the clinic, and doesn't charge anything to work in the clinic... I stand to save at least $2000 by changing!!

The rest of my life is same old same old.. trying to relax more, slowly catching up with some things at home, and starting to sell more of my belongings on ebay again. I'm in the process of decluttering my whole life, from my possessions to how I spend my time. The plan is to start the new year completely afresh. It's hard to believe that the new year is only about 7 weeks away...!