SimDragon's Journal

Thursday, October 21, 2004

I love mid-late spring, when the weather has warmed up enough to be able to wear tshirts. It's too nice a day to be stuck inside at work. Coupled with the fact that I am really tired, despite going to bed reasonably early last night, as we had a ripper of a thunderstorm that kept me awake all night, it is really, really hard to concentrate at work today. Hence the time out to scrawl a few words here...

I still haven't been able to get my leave approved. My boss hasn't been in for 3 weeks. I was hoping to start taking some leave next week, with my exams 2 weeks away. At this rate, it doesn't look like I am going to get the opportunity to take some time off to get my assignments finished. Late nights, here I come... *sigh*

The afternoon has been somewhat interesting in that I have been trying to find a way to get a CD consisting of webpages to autorun. After a few false starts I have found some freeware that does the job nicely. Runs nicely on a PC, now I need to test the CD works on a Mac. (oh #!$*, I'm testing it now, and Safari is doing some funky things with CSS positioning... bugger, bugger, bugger... Damn having to use the MySource Content Management System for most of my projects and consequently getting out of the habit of validating all my HTML & CSS files... *sigh*)

Speaking of web pages, whenever we are asked "how much for a website?" we like to use the analogy that it's like asking "so, how much does a house cost?". It's aleetle more involved than people think... A colleage today send me the url for a great blog, which captures this beautifully: If Architects Had to Work Like Web Designers...

I am starting my Diploma in Reflexology tonight. Just when my Flower Essences course was coming to a close and I was starting to look forward to having a free day on the weekend and less stress about getting assignments / study done. Oh well. I am quite happy about it, really. :) I thought I had missed out for this year. The sooner I can complete the Diploma, which shouldn't take too long, I think, the sooner I can get employment as a reflexologist, and fingers crossed, start being able to claim my other courses etc as business-related education... :)