SimDragon's Journal

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I have my flower essences exam next week.... argh!

I've finished 3 of my 4 assignments... the last one shouldn't take too long, I hope! Yay! I have organised to take next Wednesday and Thursday off so I can study for my exam. I will also have 2 days off work the following week to attempt to catch up on my sleep. :)

I would like to have more time off work so I can catch up with some things at home I would really like to finish off. Then again, it will be Christmas before I know it, with the enforced 2 week shut down of the University. Fingers crossed next year I will be only working about 3 days a week, but my study load will be higher again.

(Hello universe, I would like to win lotto or a decent raffle please. Not necessarily 1st division / prize, just a couple of thousand dollars would do nicely!)

What would I do if money was not an issue?

  • Stay home full time to finish all my courses (including the couple I started via correspondence that I haven't touched all year).

  • Start exercising regularly again.

  • Overhaul my Rotaract websites and build some new health related web sites.

  • Travel to all the Rotaract conferences etc overseas that I have been invited too.

  • Buy a piano and start playing music again.

  • Start arranging music again.

Er... I think I've run out of days in the week again... Dream on?