SimDragon's Journal

Monday, September 06, 2004

I have a new car!! Yay!!

We decided to sell the poor old Merc a good 2 months ago now, and after selling it we ended up having to hire a car for around 2 weeks. The ironic thing is we went from having no cars to having 2 new cars - both 2004 Holden Vectras - last Thursday.

Scott's car is part of his package at work, and mine is through a novated lease (through Scott's pay, since it is much better than mine). It makes budgeting a lot easier, with practically all of the vehicle related expenses being taken care of through the lease.

Speaking of budgeting, things are really looking up in that respect. Scott has been really good about watching what he spends, and we have cut back on a number of things. Plus I have caught the ebay bug, and have been selling first a lot of my videos and now practically anything else I don't need anymore that is small enough to post... :)

It is still a strange feeling to be driving a brand new car, having driven the 23 year old Merc that was practically a part of the family for the past few years, after my 1986 Colt met its demise in Margaret River.

The Vectra is so cool... lots of compartments and lots of blinking lights (ok, maybe not blinking lights, but lots of lights and displays etc), and heaps of space. It also feels nice and solid, which is important to me (after having driven a tin can for my first car), and the visibility is very good. And despite being a sedan, the boot is HUGE!! That was another requirement... gotta fit all my massage gear (table and a suitcase full of towels etc) in there, which shouldn't be a problem. :)

Last night I put my "Rotaractor" sticker on my car, which I have been hanging out to do for over a year... now there is no mistaking that it is my car!!