SimDragon's Journal

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

So far so good in regards to getting enough sleep. I made it to bed a smidge before 10pm last night - yay!

The only downside is again the lack of study time. I need to make a huge effort tonight to do some anatomy studying and clean up the house tonight. If only I didn't need to work...

Speaking of work, the Dean has *another* brand new laptop (he only got his previous laptop about 6 months ago) - he has been averaging at least one new laptop a year. I don't know what happens to his old laptops as they certainly don't cascade down to other staff (everyone else uses Macs - he has a PC). So I'm supposed to go over and waste a few more days - time I don't have - setting everything up *again*. So much for me not doing technical support anymore!

One powerball...