SimDragon's Journal

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I admit it. I'm not coping with life at all right now.

The lack of being able to sleep has continued to the point where I ended up not going in to work yesterday as I just couldn't function. I tried to spend the day sleeping, but I didn't get much sleep then either.

I think this problem with sleeping started on Thursday, which just happens to be the day my car fell apart on the freeway in peak hour traffic. Five bolts sheared off the engine, doing a fair bit of damage in the process. I had been making a point of driving in the left hand lane so I could get into the emergency lane quickly, because this is the 3rd time this year the car has broken down on the freeway - once every 2 months!! After an hour and a quarter of waiting for the RAC, I cancelled the call out as they weren't going to be able to do anything anyway, and just got the car towed to Quattro Motors.

We had the choice of getting the car all fixed up - virtually replacing the engine etc as everything else is so old it is likely to fall apart too - or just patch it up to trade it in. Given the amount we have spent on fixing it up over the past 2 or 3 years, we decided it was time to get rid of the good ole Merc and finally get a new car.

I'm still wanting to reduce my hours at work (which quite frankly I had wanted to happen a month or so ago... I'm *still* working 4 days a week), so now I'm worried about whether I can really afford to do so with getting a new car. I'm struggling financially as it is, because I'm still paying the bulk of the bills etc at home, even though my income has reduced.

Scott earns double what I do, but his money seems to evaporate. I have no idea what he fritters it away on. On a number of occasions I have spoken to him about us budgeting (as I budget my own money), but nothing has changed. Scott can easily afford to pay off a car with his income.

This whole thing just isn't working for me, and I don't know what to do...