SimDragon's Journal

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Fluffball is down to 8 lives now. She tried to escape outside via the rapidly closing garage door, but she wasn't quick enough, and got pinned underneath it. She must have only been trapped for a few seconds before I got the door up again, but it felt like an eternity!!

It's awful watching something like that unfold while you are powerless to prevent it - I now have some understanding of what is must be like for a parent to watch a child have some sort of accident that they are too far away to stop. It's bad enough seeing it happen to a cat, let alone a child!

I thought Juliet was a goner, because the door came down on her throat. I was imaginging crushed spine, windpipe etc, though at least with her thrashing about to escape it was obvious her spine was ok. She ran outside, but I grabbed her and took her back inside. Juliet was purring when I carried her, which was a good sign! I think I was more scared by it than she was.

Her first few meows after that time were quite deep and sounded very painful! But she was soon racing around the house, eating dinner etc - so it looks like all is well again.