SimDragon's Journal

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Due to excessive amounts of spam, the iiNet mail server is effectively down at the moment. Consequently I can't check my email today... *sigh*

I don't understand spam. Does anyone honestly buy something from a company which utilises spam to try to advertise it's products or services? I sure as heck don't, and I wouldn't look twice at a company trying to advertise for employees via spam either.

I remember the good ole days when I got my first real email account in 1994 (while we did have email in year 8, no one other than classmates could email me... not that anyone else I knew had email back then!!) Less than 5 people had my address, and I could go months without receiving an email (and months without having to check it). Even as the number of uni students I exchanged addresses with increased, spam was still nowhere to be seen for many blissful years. Life was wonderful.

Now if I go a day without checking my email, I return to find well over 100 emails in my home account alone - and many of the egroups I subscribe to I receive daily digests, so the vast majority of the mail is spam or viruses.

My other gripe with email today is netiquette seems to be a thing of the past. Back when email was pretty much the realm of science students and science researchers, the majority did seem to observe good netiquette (with the exception with the occasional flame war). Now that email is available to everyone, netiquette is practically dead. Emails in all caps make me cringe, as do forwards sent to everyone in their address book, in the To field rather than using a BCC. *sigh*

While it is exceedingly useful to be able to communicate quickly with the majority of people using email, one has to wonder if the extreme prevelence of spam will eventually render it a thing of the past. While laws have now been passed in Australia regarding spam, the majority of spam originates overseas, so the laws are basically useless. Is it possible to reverse the ridiculously high incidence of spam? I doubt it. I guess I need to start getting used to communicating via the good ole telephone again!