SimDragon's Journal

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Yes, I admit it... I'm procrastinating. There is only so much one can take of just sitting down reading through an anatomy textbook. 8 more pages to go and I have finished this chapter on muscle tissues (excellent bedtime reading, honest), then I get to try the sample questions, do the online multiple choice questions... and then think about the 100 or so pages to read in the final chapter about the muscles and do the appropriate questions... Somewhere in that I am supposed to memorise all the muscles in the body, as well as all 206 bones... *sigh* The bones I'm not so worried about, but the muscles are another story.

I'm listening to some latino music (real latino stuff, in spanish... not the Ricky Martin / Enrique Iglesias stuff in english), which is not something I would normally listen to... but my nice new computer has fairly decent speakers, and the mp3s were handy (thanks to my Panemanian friend Alvaro) so I figured why the heck not... I must admit it makes good studying music - definitely keeping me awake. :) It makes me want to salsa, or at least learn how to salsa properly.

I had a little dance with Juliet earlier... her fault for wandering in to the study. :P Actually, Juliet didn't seem to mind too much - she was quite happily purring away, which she hadn't been doing too much of tonight after she jumped over the fence and found she couldn't jump back. Silly little pussy cat. Fortunately the backyard she jumped into is that of a new house that does not have anyone residing in it yet, so we put a ladder over the fence and watched Juliet climb it in in record time! She was quite distressed. When someone does move in I guess we better introduce ourselves - and Juliet - and let them know she might get stuck there from time to time!