SimDragon's Journal

Monday, April 26, 2004

Why do we bother with public holidays anymore, if not everyone gets to enjoy them?

Yesterday, Australia and New Zealand celebrated Anzac Day. Since yesterday happened to be Sunday, many people then enjoyed today off from work. Unless of course you live in Victoria or Tasmania, or work at a University. *sigh* So now I don't have any public holidays between Easter and Christmas...

If you happen to work for the Federal Government, you get *extra* public holidays - Easter Tuesday and special New Year's Day...

Shouldn't public holidays be across the board?

Yes, I am unhappy about getting up and trudging off to another boring, frustrating day at the office while the rest of my family gets to sleep in and then bum around the house. Granted, I then get these public holidays all in one hit at Christmas with the enforced Christmas closure of the university... which is nice, I grant you that. But it would be even nicer to have some breaks throughout the year.