SimDragon's Journal

Friday, April 09, 2004

It's Good Friday... it's my first Easter since "coming out" as a pagan.

It's funny - when I was younger I used to wonder why Easter didn't have a firm date like Christmas, and what on earth bunnies, chicks and eggs had to do with the resurrection of Christ. On the one hand we had easter services at school singing "trotting, trotting through Jerusalem..." and on the other we ate chocolate eggs. What the?

Granted, Good Friday wouldn't be Good Friday if it was celebrated on a Tuesday, but why give or take a month? The church seemed quite confident of the date of Jesus' birth (though now it appears they may not only be out by a few days, but a few years... conveniently the pagan holiday of Yule almost coincides with Christmas in the northern hemisphere... again, why the decorating of trees etc? Hmmm.... Christians couldn't possibly steal a pagan festival, call it their own, while exterminating the evil evil pagans...?!?)

Ok, so Easter goes by the lunar calendar (what!!! that's something pagans do!!)... no definite date for the death of Jesus. Right. But why "Easter"? Oh, you mean "Ostara", another pagan festival, which just happens (again in the northern hemisphere) to be celebrated at a similar time... which explains the origins of eggs and bunnies and all the rest. Sneaky sneaky Christians.

I must admit that I'm not going to argue with having Monday off work (I need the time to study!!) I now have a much greater understanding of what it is like to live in a country where a religion other than your own is interwoven with the framework of the state.