SimDragon's Journal

Monday, April 12, 2004

The 4 day long weekend is over now - back to work tomorrow. *sigh*

The good thing about going back to work is that I appear to have left my iPaq at work, and I desparately need it!! I was pretty sure I hadn't left it at work, but I have been unable to find it at home, so I *hope* it is as work! I've grown to rely on it. Now that I finally have a computer again, I was keen to backup my iPaq by synching it with my computer. I did try to go in to work to check if my iPaq was there today - in theory I have an electronic access card which is supposed to give me access in to the building... but it wouldn't let me in. *grumble* Whatever happened to good old fashioned keys??? I've complained numerous times that my card doesn't let me in, and they keep swearing I have the appropriate access, though the first few times they lied.. my access has increase somewhat, but not to the extent they say it has. So it's probably no surprise that it still isn't right. That was a wasted 40 min trip...

The bad thing about going back to work is that I don't want to be there... I have my first exams on Saturday, and while I have spent part of this long weekend studying (just 2 more chapters to go), I have also done some much needed cleaning up and some not so necessary Spider solitaire playing. Next Friday is going to be a very heavy studying day - in the afternoon I am going to the college with dad to spend some quality time with the skeleton making sure I am fully prepared for my practical exam the next day.

I could really do with a few weeks off to get organised at home... both working and studying full time is too much. I'm not keeping up with anything at home. With an ayurveda retreat on the weekend after I finish my exams, I will only have one weekend off from college before term starts again!! It's too much...