SimDragon's Journal

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

With my sister away on her honeymoon, my parents have been looking after her cat, Jeriko.

Only now my parents have gone away too, which now leaves me to look after Jeri. The only problem is.... Jeri and Juliet do not get along whatsoever!

Jeri arrived last night, and it didn't take long for him to start hissing at Juliet. Jeri is a few years older than Juliet and considerably bigger. That doesn't stop Juliet from hassling Jeri though. I have to admit that Juliet doesn't help whatsoever by chasing Jeri around everywhere.

Very quickly Jeri sought refuge on the spare mattress under the spare bed - it was very hard to Juliet to get in there too. Juliet kept Jeri at bay in there for hours. After realising that Jeri hadn't left there for 7 hours - not being able to get any food (while Juliet not only finished her own dinner, but most of Jeri's too), I moved his food and litter tray into the spare room, and kicked Juliet out of there, closing the door so she couldn't get in.

A while later I checked in on Jeri, and he had moved out from under the bed at least. I think it gave him some more confidence as he then started bullying Juliet.

At 2:30 am the inevitable happened - they really started fighting. So we moved Jeri into the lounge / dining / kitchen area (along with his food and litter) and closed the door so they were separated - at least Jeri had a bigger area to explore there. For some strange reason I found it extremely difficult to get to sleep - I was awake until about 4 am, making it very difficult to get up this morning!

I finally got out of bed around 7:45 am, and had the interesting problem of how to feed both cats. I kept Juliet occupied by giving her some biscuits, then went into the kitchen and fed Jeri, keeping him occupied while I went back to Juliet with her meat. After spending the night hissing, Jeri still wasn't too friendly this morning, dodging any attempts I made to pat him, until I sat down with my breakfast. Then Jeri was a lot more open to attempting friendship. Little Juliet was casting daggers (the door from the living area has lots of glass panels, so the two cats could see each other clearly)!

When I left for work, Jeri was sitting at his door meowing piteously, all the more heartbreaking because I don't think I've every hear Jeri meow before - he is generally an extremely silent cat (apart from hissing and growling at Juliet that is!) Juliet almost looked triumphant. It was very hard to leave home this morning, especially since I am going to stay back at work for a while tonight.

We are going to have another few days of this two. I hope we don't return Jeri to Amber emotionally scarred!