SimDragon's Journal

Monday, March 29, 2004


I think the Universe is trying to tell me something...

We were all set for what looks to be our biggest turn out yet for my Rotaract Club's annual Electronic Quiz Night. We have stacks of really decent prizes, a large number of people turning up... and no venue.

With four days to go it was quite a shock to receive a phone call from the Manning Bowling Club to say they didn't have our booking, and while they don't have a booking for this Saturday, we still couldn't hold our quiz night there!!!

I was under the impression that the Rotarian who had pressured us into holding the Quiz Night there, when we had already booked the same venue we had used for the past 2 years (which was FREE), had actually made the booking - as she had said she had "talked to the [bowling club] and everything was fine."

After phoning the club President and my mum (good ole mum), who spoke to said Rotarian, the story is that she (the Rotarian) said she did see our booking in the book at the Bowling Club, and that the lady who phoned me is just a nasty piece of work. So she (the Rotarian, not the nasty woman) is going to make some phone calls, and hopefully everything will be sorted out.

With everything else going on right now, I really don't need this...