SimDragon's Journal

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

I usually buy lunch from Nagano Sushi, a japanese takeaway, at least once a week. Up until last week I watched everyone else buying "Bubble Tea" to drink - I finally plucked up the courage to try it myself on Thursday. And now.. I'm hooked!!

The new University year started this week, so all the cafes & refectories are open again. I wandered in to the Ref on Monday, figuring Nagano would be shut due to the public holiday I don't get off *sigh*. I was surprised to see they now have a Bubble Tea bar in there! That area used to be for confectionary back when I was an undergrad; with the introduction first of vending machines and then eventually enclosing that part of the Ref with barriers and just putting chips etc on shelving so you could help yourself and pay at the cashier, that particular area had been unused for a while. So it was good to see it in use again.

I thought I would give the Bubble Tea there a try, and it was very disappointing, especially since it was $1 more than at Nagano. The one at Nagano is delicious; the chocolate tea I tried from the Guild tasted like a diet shake. Yeuch :(

While at the guild I bought a chicken kebab too, which I have bought once or twice before (a year or two ago), and that was pretty awful too - I ended up throwing most of it out. That's what you get for voluntary student unionism being scrapped - dreadful services because they don't have to try to woo you to pay.

Buying my lunch is going to be a thing of the past after tomorrow; on Friday I am starting the Lite & Easy program. With trying to juggle work, study, Rotaract, and everything else, my diet has become quite bad as I don't have the time or energy to cook. I'm savouring my last chocolate Bubble Tea and chicken katsudon today! The food at Lite & Easy _looks_ nice... I guess I will find out soon enough how it tastes!