SimDragon's Journal

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

I hate providing tech support here...

I've just wasted 45 mins on something that took me 2 seconds to "fix" because it wasn't broken in the first place:

"My mouse doesn't work"
"Is it plugged in? Try turning your computer off, and then on again. Try another mouse.."
After swearing all that had been checked, I reluctantly agreed to go over - a 10 min walk each way (which allows plenty of time to rant in my head about it all)... got there to find the client wasn't there, so I switched off her machine, switched it back on, and voila! Mouse works perfectly.

So what? It's the sort of thing your average tech support person has to deal with daily (though hopefully without such long distances to walk), only I'm not emplyed as a support officer. I'm supposed to be a programmer. Only, the support officer who was employed quit around the same time that I was employed, and since I had a background in tech support, I was asked to fill in for a few months - ie the work of the 2 people who had quit - until a new tech support person was hired. That was 3 years ago... and guess what? The faculty decided it preferred not to fork out another salary etc, that this new arrangement suited them just fine.

Well, it doesn't suit me just fine anymore. If I wanted to work in tech support, I wouldn't have quit my job at Westrail. I've put up with doing both the support and the programming (though I use that term loosely, because I've barely done any real programming since I started working here either *sigh*), but now the faculty is being ridiculously picky, refusing to pay for some things, which is becoming a regular occurence. It's not like we're trying to charge them for things we haven't done! Mind you, why we are sending them such detailed bills is beyond me - I've queried it, but it's not my problem... though when either my boss or the person sending the bills has chats with me about what the faculty is refusing to pay for now, it becomes my problem. *grumble*

My contract is going to be renewed, which I suppose is good news. I can continue paying my bills, and I guess the walks to and from the faculty provide me with more exercise than I would get otherwise - it's not hard to "find 30" when 1 trip there takes 20...