SimDragon's Journal

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

I am so very, very tired... caffeine isn't helping at all - it's just giving me a headache.

I actually slept better last night than I had in ages - I had some essential oils burning away, which did wonders for me, but apparently were irritating Scott. Perhaps the oils keeping Scott awake (and consequently not snoring) was what really did the trick..!

My home computer is still dead, primarily because we (read Scott :P) hadn't done anything to fix it. He has now taken it in to be fixed. We still haven't got a new computer ordered, which I am very, very annoyed about.

I seem to be permanently stressed at the moment, between my course going at a furious pace (and no home computer to do my studying on), a job where I am absolutely inundated with too much work that I'm not enjoying coupled with constant interruptions so that I'm not getting anywhere with any of it, and Rotaract requiring a hell of a lot of work to get it going again... I'm beginning to wonder whether I should take a risk and give up a lot of these things - work, Rotaract - and try to concentrate on just one thing as much as possible, or whether that will actually cause me more stress...?

Damn the need to earn money... Contributing usefully to society should be enough!!