SimDragon's Journal

Monday, March 22, 2004

According to the Tickle Ultimate Personality Test, I'm not afraid of asserting myself or my ideas (no kidding!! :P), and people often look to me as a model of how they wish they could be (really??). I'm motivated to do a good job (yup!), and people know I'm a solid, reliable person who can take the heat (yay!).

And if I was a dog, what breed would I be? (Like knowing that really changes my life??) Apparently, a loyal, hard-working German Shepherd. Dedicated and always low-maintenance, people apparently flock to me ? they know they can count on me to get any job done, and done well. (unfortunately that part is all to true... I tend to do too many jobs)

Those 2 tests I did tonight... a while back I tried their IQ test (yes, I'm cleaning out my hotmail account again...). Apparently my IQ is 138, and my intellectual type is "Visionary Philosopher", which means I am "highly intelligent and have a powerful mix of skills and insight that can be applied in a variety of different ways. Like Plato, [my] exceptional math and verbal skills make [me] very adept at explaining things to others — and at anticipating and predicting patterns." Did I really need to take the test to find that out.. Needless to say I haven't bothered purchasing the "in depth" reports...

So why am I wasting time taking Tickle tests? So glad you asked. It's a somewhat convoluted tale... I joined the Ringo community after being invited by my penpal Tracey, but Ringo shut down and was integrated into Tickle. Tonight was the first time I have logged into Tickle and taken a look around after it took after Ringo - it was so hard to log into Ringo that I hadn't tried in a while. It was a pleasant surprise to see 6 friends there when last I checked I think there were 3..?

I'm more inclined to spend time on Orkut though. I was introduced to that just over a week ago, I think, by a fellow DRR from a few years ago. A second friend invited me earlier this week, so I started inviting some friends myself yesterday. I have 6 friends so far.. yay!!! :P Nowhere near the network of the friend who invited me in the first place - about 92 friends currently. Interestingly, my 6 friends on Orkut are different to the 6 friends on Tickle - only one in common: the same penpal who introduced me to Ringo in the first place.

Orkut's groups are great - I discovered an official Australian Goodies fansite today!! I want a Goodies tshirt...