SimDragon's Journal

Friday, February 27, 2004

A tarot reading I had done at the end of last year indicated I would have a big fight (I forget the exact wording, but I surmised that would be in Rotaract), after which my circle of true friends would increase.

Well, that fight has just happened. After the other Rotaract clubs stating when asked earlier that they would support the WA Rotaract State Ball, and we went ahead and organised it, this week they showed they weren't actually going to support it after all, and we have had to cancel it, losing a deposit of $500 in the process. Unfortunately for us this is not the first statewide social function we have lost money on from lack of support.

So... I told it how it was - that the Ball has had to be cancelled due to an overwhelming amount of apathy. Since it is the 2nd year in a row the Ball has had to be cancelled because too few people have supported what used to be the highlight of the WA Rotaract social calendar, I suggested the closure of the Ball account and that the remaining funds be donated to charity.

I expected some sort of flamewar, and I got it, but from an unexpected quarter. A Rotarian - a past Rotaractor who shouldn't have been on the list - emailed all the DGs requesting an "inquiry" into my behaviour. Some people just can't handle the truth eh?

If they want to be like that, fine. Sod trying to do the right thing and help districts other than my own. So, I deleted the WA Rotaract website. It's a little sad, because it was quite a nice website - it won the best of the Rotary web a couple of years in a row. The RotaractWA egroup will be the next to go, once I copy off the training notes I put up there, and we hopefully settle the matter of what to do with the Ball account.

I have been toying with the idea of quitting Rotaract, even though I know it will spell the end of my club and my district. Is this a test of faith? In many respects it would be easy to walk away from it all - it would certainly free up a heck of a lot of my time, and drastically reduce my stress levels. In other respects, the actions of the other district are somewhat spurring me on to build an incredibly strong club again - which I have done before (albeit with help from people who are no longer in the club) and rub their faces in just what they are missing out on. Ok, so that isn't really in line with Rotary's 4 Way Test, but it would be a lot of fun!!

The verdict? I haven't decided yet. :P

I had requested another tarot reading from Zen, who has given me 2 very accurate tarot readings so far, about whether or not to persevere with Rotaract, since I am very torn between just walking away and working to build up the best club ever. Unfortunately, Zen has been ill and hasn't got to my tarot reading yet. Perhaps the current fight needed to happen first???

Anyway, all this nonsense has given me motivation to get on with a few other things that until now I would like to do but really wasn't that motivated to do anything about. So, thanks guys! Every cloud does indeed have a silver lining.

I look forward to Zen's reading. If I'm meant to leave Rotaract now, I have plenty of other things to do with my time, like study!! There are some other organisations I would look into volunteering with - Parkinsons WA and also some environmental groups - concentrating on some key areas rather than Rotaract's very wide approach.