SimDragon's Journal

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

The humid weather has continued, only the days have got even hotter. We finally got our airconditioner fixed - the motor died on the Australia Day long weekend, so we were without cooling for 3 weeks. Unfortunately we have an evaporative air conditioner so the fact that it is now fixed doesn't mean a thing with this unusually humid weather. Yesterday we had 100% humidity with 41.5 degree heat, making for an absolutely horrid day! My brother Ross and his family arrived from Melbourne yesterday for my sisters wedding this weekend... what a day to arrive! For my own wedding the weather was in the mid 20s - my brothers didn't believe Perth weather was as warm as we said. Now they are wishing it was in the mid 20s again!! My eldest brother and his family will be staying with me for 4 days from tomorrow, and they are going to melt! Even I am feeling the heat, and I love heat and love humidity!!

If it wasn't for the extreme heat it would be like living in Brisbane. We had a thunderstorm last night - the 2nd time so far this year we have had any rain, and the first time I can remember in ages that we have had thunder. Normally we only get a thunderstorm in winter, and even then it is rare. The weather is a little cooler today. Currently it is 35.8 degrees, and the maximum was 39.5 at noon. The minimum was 26 degrees. The night before the minimum was almost 28 degrees!

The day before it was also around 39 degrees and quite humid, and I decided it would be a good idea to walk home from Quattro Motors, which takes 30 minutes, after taking my car around for a service! I changed my shirt 3 times that day. My mother phoned me and told me I was not to walk back to Quattro in that heat... and I did listen to her!! The airconditioned taxi ride was much more civilised.

I'm off work this week with my sister's wedding coming up. It's great having house guests (from tomorrow) - the house is the cleanest and tidiest it has ever been!! :P The study still has a way to go, though I finally found the inspiration to sort out the last of the boxes that has been lying around since we moved here over a year ago.

I had hoped to get a lot of studying done over the past 3 days before house guests arrive, but it hasn't happened. I have done some, just not enough as I would have liked. Despite the heat I have spent a good part of each morning just trying to catch up on my sleep!! I do feel a lot better for finally getting a decent amount of sleep each day. I sleep a lot better during the day - no snoring!! :P

We have a friend coming over for dinner tonight; hopefully later in the evening I will be able to do a little more studying and maybe even clean up the study. I have the morning free tomorrow before my brothers arrive, though I think I will need to head out to Jandakot to hand an assignment in, since I will be missing my classes this Saturday with my sister's wedding.