SimDragon's Journal

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

What a week!

I started my new course, which is AWESOME!

How cool is it to have a 3 hour class where is stress is not allowed - you spend one half of the class giving a foot massage and the other half receiving a massage. :) Reflexology is definitely my favourite class right now! It does make for a long day though, going straight from work to class on a Thursday night, and getting home around 9 pm.

Saturdays are a bit easier. I'd forgotten how relaxed a day of classes is! We started with tai chi, then had a double period of Behavioural Science, where we watched and discussed the documentary "Blue Eyed". Medical Terminology is a bit dry - the lecturer is trying his hardest to make the class interesting!! Finally we had Naturopathy History & Philosophy which was also a bit dull. It didn't help that I had a migraine for most of the day...

Other highlights of the past week include the Evanescence concert, and catching up with my nephew Scott. Evanescence was excellent, though standing up for 3 hours was a little painful. It was the last concert of their tour, so it was particularly fun. They had 2 support acts - Figure 11 and Full Scale. Admittedly I had never heard of either of them before, but Full Scale were originally from Perth! I really feel for the leader singer of Full Scale - Perth audiences are the hardest to enthuse in the world, and he really tried his best to get everyone going (I guess coming from Perth he knew in advance what we're like :P ) Oh well. Evanescence were brilliant - it's wonderful to see that Amy sings just as well live as on the album. :) Of course I got the obligatory tshirt from the concert... another for the collection. :)

On Sunday Amber and I took our 16 year old nephew Scott out to lunch at Sizzler in Riverton. I was wearing a Metallica tshirt, and the guy who served us gave us a 20% tshirt because he thought my shirt was cool!! :P I've never had that happen before..! Can't complain. :) It was nice to catch up with Scott - I am now watching the Mallrats DVD I borrowed from him.