SimDragon's Journal

Thursday, January 29, 2004

I've been too busy in the last week and a half to really write much about what has been happening of late...

A week ago my car decided not to start... Well, the key wouldn't turn in the ignition, which was a problem it had a few months ago that resulted in the entire barrel being replaced. So I was a little peeved when I had to take my car back to the workshop with the verdict that they have to replace the barrel again.

Fortunately mum and dad are home and were able to meet me at the workshop, and I have been driving mum's car ever since. I had expected to have my own car back by now, but it is almost as old as I am so they are having problems getting a hold of the parts they need!! :(

I didn't bother to empty the car of all the items in it, anticipating I would only be without them for a couple of days. So I think tomorrow's plans will need to include a trip to Quattro Motors to collect a couple of items I now really need!!

I hope to spend most of tomorrow studying (for a change!) - I have a number of assignments to work on already, 3 weeks into my course! I have completed one of my medical terminology assignments, and am about 1/3 the way through my 2nd assignment for that unit, which entails making a medical dictionary with at least 750 words.

Other assignments include making a 30 minutes meditation tape, writing a couple of essays about my goals, lifestyle etc... quite a change from the assessments I had as a science (physics / maths / computer science) student!