SimDragon's Journal

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

I'm quite embarrassed about how far behind I am - still! - with all my communications - my email and my snail mail. :S If any of my penpals are reading this, I haven't forgotten you!!

I am ever so slowly getting things organised at home. I have now told both my club at the Dial-A-Santa committee that I will be taking more of a back seat in Rotaract. I want my life back! It's time I started putting myself first.

I will answer all my letters and email, I promise! Hopefully I can tackle most of those in the 1.5 weeks I have off at Christmas.

Then again, I have a very large "to do" list for my Christmas break. I will need to be fairly disciplined, and get a fair amount of relaxation time, but also get a lot of things completed at home. At least I won't be moving house this Christmas like I did last year!