SimDragon's Journal

Friday, November 07, 2003

When I posted last time I had intended to mention some of the things that have been happening of late as well... but I didn't get around to it. I had spent the previous weekend in Melbourne at my last APESMA National Assembly meeting (I decided not to renominate, even though 2 free trips interstate every year was very, very nice!!). It was great catching up with some of the family in Melbourne, albeit very briefly, while I was there. I got to meet the newest addition to the family, my nephew Timothy Ironically one of my brothers in Melbourne was actually in Perth while I was in Melbourne - I took the day off work on Friday so I could spend some time with him!

Last weekend was equally as busy, though I wasn't interstate this time! I spent the majority of my time at the Conscious Living Expo. Most of this time I was "working" on the Sound Therapy stand, but I also got to spend some time looking around (and spending too much money). It was great to meet all the other Sound Therapy distributors in WA, plus I signed up to become a distributor for KMI Spray Vitamins (yes! no more swallowing pills, which I can't do anyway :P)

Unfortunately that same weekend, I put my credit card back in my shirt pocket rather than my purse, and forgot to take it out when I put it in the laundry basket. I do check the pockets of clothes before I put them in the washing machine, but Scott doesn't... and guess which weekend he actually did all the washing AND ironing? I now have the cleanest Visa card in the world; it's just a pity it no longer has a metal strip... :S

Last night Scott, Amber, Damian and I went to the "Here and Now" concert - an extravaganza of 80s music, performed by the original artists!!! Considering that I was too young to see most of them the last time they did tour here, with the exception of 1927, it was amazing to be able to see them all perform live at the one place. :)

Amazingly it was Damian's first pop concert - the fact that he made it to 25 without going to a concert was incredible to us; then again, he listens to techno music and wasn't too keen on the bands we were going to see!

The concert started at 7 - and it DID actually start bang on 7 pm - we were impressed! With so many songs to get through they did need to keep to time, and with the exception of the last band, the set changes between bands only took 5 minutes.

1927 were the first band to play, which was somewhat fitting as they were the first band I every saw in concert, back in 1989 when I was 11 years old! My parents were away for a month and I was living between my best friend (at the time) Michelle Klvana's house and my music teacher Jan Veal's house - Jan, her son Craig and boarder Erin, plus Michelle, her brother Charles, mum Edith and I all went to the 1927 concert. I wasn't used to late nights back in year 8, so I didn't appreciate the concert nearly as much as I did now.

Oh, I should mention - at the Here and Now concert we were sitting in the 6th row, right in the middle. We had an EXCELLENT view - we could see all the performers very clearly!!! Absolutely amazing!!! Not many people stood up in front of us to dance, which was a little odd - why pay $144 to sit right in front of a band, and then just sit there?? It was about the only section of the concert where people were actually sitting down. I felt sorry for the bands, because it must be demoralising to see those people sitting down. Fortunately one or two people in front of us did stand up and dance, so we did too. The people behind us kept yelling to those of us standing to sit down.. but when Belinda Carlisle came on they did get up and dance too - hypocrites!! But I am jumping ahead. :)

1927 only played 4 songs (of course that included their 3 hit singles). Next came Mondo Rock - not a band I was particularly fond of, but they did a really good job. It was good to see that the majority of the singers could still sing well 20 years down the track! Most of them looked pretty good for their ages too. :) Mondo Rock played about 5 songs (I only knew 2 of them), then on came Go West.

Go West absolutely rocked - I love their songs, and the lead singer performed with a stack of energy!! Brilliant!! I was also extremely impressed that they had more keyboardists than guitarists! Yes!! As an aside, I was very happy to see 1927 used Yamaha keyboards (my instrument of choice ;) ) though the other bands used the same set of Roland keyboard (Scott's preference). Pop music really isn't the same these days without keyboards to strengthen / fill out the sound. Bring back 80s style music!!

Next was Belinda Carlisle, another one of the highlights of the night. She is soooo pretty! And her voice is every bit as amazing as it was in the 1980s. She got most people up dancing :) She also sang the largest number of songs - then again she had a lot more albums than all the other bands. I was somewhat surprised she wasn't the last or 2nd last act, but the order they played in was to aid the set changes (bands first, then the individuals with the same session band, and the final one had a completely different set altogether).

After Belinda was Paul Young, who I was not a fan of in the 80s (though I do like his song "Love of the Common People"). So that was a bit of an anticlimax.

After Paul Young cam Kim Wilde, which was awesome! She is also very pretty. It was her brother's birthday, so she asked the audience to sing Happy Birthday to Ricky. Kim was very cool - she was very proud of her cleavage now that she has had 2 children! :P

The final band was The Human League, of which we only knew one song. By that stage Amber wasn't feeling too well, so we toyed with the idea of leaving about that time, particularly since we weren't so interested in Human League. We were very conscious of it taking forever to try to get out once every left, since we would be one of the last to get out of the Dome since we were right up front, plus we were parked the furthest away! We ended up deciding to at least see what they were like, so we sat around for the half hour while they changed the set. It was awesome to see the instruments for a real 80s synth band! Once they started singing though we decided we were happy to leave - I wouldn't have minded seeing a little bit more as their instruments were cool, but it was nice to get out of there and get home very quickly.

I woke up this morning with one very sore throat after singing so much last night!! I really want to get back to playing music on my organ now after hearing such great music live. Now I need to find the spare time every day...