SimDragon's Journal

Monday, September 29, 2003

Spring was truly here on the weekend - the days were absolutely glorious. You wouldn't believe it today though - it rained most of the morning, and it is still dreary, overcast and cold right now. It's the only good thing about having to work today despite being a public holiday - it would have been depressing to be stuck inside with nice weather outside!

It got to 28 degrees C yesterday, and it as wonderful to be able to wear a tshirt again. I spent most of the day out, delivering Tupperware, visiting my sister, going to the market with her (I bought citrine and amethyst clusters as well as individual hematite and blue quartz crystals, some Basil essential oil and a couple of books... did I mention we were shopping to buy our brother a birthday present? Oops!)

The warmer weather does bring with it some less than pleasant things to, particularly mosquitoes and spiders. Last night Scott picked up Juliet and placed her on top of the couch, and I noticed something black dangling from her whiskers. It dropped onto the couch, and I leaned forward to have a look at what is was, and noticed a bright splash of red on a bulbous black abdomen - a redback spider! And a large one too!! For non-Aussies, redback spiders are very venomous. Scott hadn't seen it, so I pointed it out and grabbed Juliet off the couch, before heading for a large can of fly spray. We had no way of telling if Juliet had been bitten - unless we found her dead a while later! Fortunately Juliet was quite alive this morning (unlike the spider after we sprayed it with fly spray). I just hope we don't have any other redbacks lurking around; they aren't usually found indoors, so I have no idea where that one came from...