SimDragon's Journal

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

We have now had our little kitten, Juliet, for just over a week. Ok, I should say "Andrew's kitten", but for now she is my little baby. :) Well, she's not that little either - 8 months old, so getting close to fully grown. I love her to pieces - she is so adorable!! She seems to have adjusted to living with us extremely well. :) Mind you, I think anyone who will feed her, give her plenty of attention, and provide some new toys to play with will quickly get in her good books! Unfortunately it is going to be incredibly difficult giving her back to Andrew when he returns home. :(

I have started taking some photos of Juliet, and will eventually put some of the pics on my website. The difficulty will lie in choosing the cutest one!

I think Scott was getting worried that I was getting a little "clucky" once we got the cat, but I am not interested in having children at this point in time!! I am more than happy to have a cat as my "baby". :) A lot easier to look after, and a lot cheaper too. :)