SimDragon's Journal

Friday, August 08, 2003

Speaking of 80s music, my sister Amber and I have just booked tickets for a concert in November - "Here and Now - the Superstars of the 80s play their greatest hits live".


The bands are Human League, Kim Wilde, Paul Young, Go West, Belinda Carlise, Mondo Rock, and 1927. Awesome!! :) I can't wait :)

Its nice to end the week on a positive note, after a not-so-good day yesterday. The clutch went in my car while I was driving to work. Despite leaving home 45 minutes earlier than usual, after waiting for first the RAC and then a towtruck, I was half an hour late to the "Leadership Development for Women" workshop on yesterday ( dad picked me up from where I had broken down - the freeway!)

After a mad day of rushing around (with the help of a borrowed car from my dad) a number of people from my Rotaract Club went to see the Science Comedy, "Sleek Geeks". It was hilarious! And educational at the same time. :)

Tomorrow is Bluey Day (oddly enough, my car broke down... on the freeway.. on Bluey Day last year as well!) So Amber and I will join other Rotaractors out at a shopping centre volunteering in various capacities. I got to spray people's hair blue last year. After it finishes, Amber and I will do some shopping to buy some food and other essentials for a cat. Yes, I am finally getting a cat!! Well, we will be "fostering" a kitten for 2 years while Amber's friend Andrew heads overseas for a couple of years. It's very exciting all the same. I am really looking forward to having a pet at long last. :)