SimDragon's Journal

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Sovereign Sales (the Tupperware Distributorship I work for) had a "Christmas in July" sales meeting last night. I returned home positively bouncing off the walls. :)

I came home with Tupperware Scissors and a box of chocolates (for being a Top Dealer), 2 coffee mugs (achieving sales targets during "Rose's week"), another box of chocolates from the on time raffle, and with $100 cash (winning the Starlight raffle)..!!! I was so excited, I woke Scott up to tell him, and to show him the new releases for August that I thought were wonderful. Poor guy!!! He sent me back downstairs to do some logic problems to calm down. :) I ended up getting to bed around midnight.

Unfortunately, I had to get up early this morning to attend a breakfast meeting for APESMA, so I am very tired now! Oops... I don't have anything on tonight, so I should hopefully get an early night, for a change!