SimDragon's Journal

Thursday, July 31, 2003

Buenos Dias! My good friend Alvaro, a Rotaractor in Panama, is teaching me a little Spanish!! I have been helping him add some scripts to his Rotaract club's website. It still blows me away how quick and easy it is to do things like that these days - not only chat to someone in a country you barely knew existed, but be able to collaborate on projects real time so easily.

The international aspect of Rotaract is the part I love the best. Sure, with the internet these days you can talk to anyone, anywhere, but at least with Rotaract you don't have to worry as much about ulterior motives.. I can't stand the smut that seems to make up most talk requests on ICQ (which I don't use anymore for that reason) and even on Yahoo on MSN Messengers. *sigh* Being a part of Rotaract generally means you subscribe to a certain standard of morals and ethics. If only that was more widespread!