SimDragon's Journal

Friday, May 16, 2003

We've had quite a storm here overnight, and it hasn't completely abated yet. While there wasn't any thunder, the heavy winds (up to 120 km / hr) and heavy rains were noisy enough to keep me awake all night. I didn't think I would have a backyard left this morning! Fortunately my vegies are reasonably protected, and everything was pretty much intact this morning!

I have to attend the Charter Night of a new Rotaract Club this evening... at 9:30 am I am already exhausted, so I hate to think how tired I am going to be tonight! I hope the weather lets up a bit. I hate driving in this sort of weather, particularly at night!

I'm in the processing of overhauling my personal website again - this time I am changing it from XHTML Transitional to XHTML Strict. Till now, I had adhered the "Transitional" doctype to accommodate browsers, but now I think it is more trouble than it is worth. If you use Netscape 4, upgrade dammit! I'm going for standards compliance rather than trying to accommodate 4% of users (I think most of them work at UWA *sigh*). Visually, nothing will appear different, unless you use Netscape 4!

If only iiNet allowed the use of PHP *sigh*. I've started learning PHP, and life would be so much easier if I could use it on my personal site! I have started a new project which uses PHP (it is hosted at HeartCreators) so that I can put it into practise. The site is still alpha, but you can check what is there so far at