SimDragon's Journal

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Tuesday is nearly over and I still haven't got back to working on my Rotaract Graphics Library yet. I got sidetracked starting to learn Flash :)

I'm very disappointed that I haven't had any response to my emails to Rotary International regarding their decision to shut down . The double standards they show are appalling - it is ok for Rotarians to enjoy the EXACT SAME services via and but Rotaractors, who got their acts together with these services much earlier and used them extensively, are not allowed to. Why? Because "it is against Rotary policy" to have a Rotaract address unqualified with the name of the Rotaract Club or District.. yet ALL the URLs they destroyed WERE qualified!!! As were most of the email addresses!! It obviously isn't against Rotary policy for Rotarians to use unqualified addresses...

While this decision was made about a month ago now (all the sites are going to drop out of Google any day now :( ) there has been no inclination on Rotary's behalf to discuss the situation and try to arrange a compromise. I can't see why we can't have club and district email and web addresses restored if the personal ones are against policy. But no, they won't do that, nor will they remove the exact same services for Rotary clubs. It just continues to prove that the main service Rotarians want to give Rotaractors is LIP service.

The Rotary theme a couple of years ago was "Create Awareness - Take Action". Whenever I have felt disgruntled about the lack of support Rotary shows Rotaract, I have rephrased it: "All Talk - No Action".

I was really hoping that RI would see sense and try to do the right thing by the younger members of their family, the future Rotarians. But all they have achieved now is to make every one of those young members decide that they never want to join Rotary. Instead of "Sowing the Seeds of Love" this year, they have well and truly sown seeds of discontent.