SimDragon's Journal

Monday, May 05, 2003

It's Monday afternoon, are there are just 2 of us left in the office! It's been quiet, so I have taken the opportunity to start learning PHP (yay!!).

I had a very busy weekend, making 3 trips out Midland way! I haven't posted anything since last Wednesday (apart from my inner dragon post this morning) because it has been all systems go. It all started with a recruitment call to join Tupperware , which saw me attend their Sales Meeting on Thursday night. I figured what the heck, and hey presto! Instant Tupperware Dealer!!!

Well, not quite :) I did attend a training session on Saturday, and am now trying to organise my Tupperware "Announcement Party" for this coming Saturday!! I won't be demonstrating at this party, but for any after this, I _will_ be doing the demonstrating. It's a little scary, but I do know my stuff when it comes to Tupperware - I certainly own enough of it!!

Sunday morning saw me running an interest meeting for a new Rotaract club in Midland. Three prospective members turned up, which was a little disappointing, but it could have been worse!

Half an hour until home time :)