SimDragon's Journal

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

I finally received an answer to the 3 emails I sent RI about ... it was much the same as the previous reply: "tough luck. We're not interested. Live with it."


They obviously can't handle the fact that we were doing a better job with publicity and showing a united front that Rotary has, so like all good Westerners who abide by the Tall Poppy Syndrome, they had to drag us back down to their level.

I think the time is approaching for me to call it a day in Rotaract. Another year, max, but that will be it. I am thoroughly sick of Rotary's attitude towards Rotaract. I might try to branch out and find new areas to volunteer in. I am interested in getting involved with something environmental / conservationist.

It is going to be interesting being at the Rotary Convention next week. I'd quite like to throttle a lot of the people who will be there. Perhaps I need to finish reading the book I have just started, "Conversations with God" and start applying changes in my life suggested therein!

It's 9am, and I have been at work for 2 hours already, since Wednesday is "Solid Bod" day. I haven't had any breakfast (apart from a Freddo frog, which is the only thing I have found to eat around here!! All the cafes nearby were closed at 7 am when I got to work :( I might have to wander down to one of the refectories on campus and find something to eat soon, but the choice probably won't be too good (better than a Freddo though...!)