SimDragon's Journal

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Somebody rescue me from this boredom...! 5 hours until I finish for the day, and counting.

I can't say my work is particularly challenging at the moment... in fact it rarely is challenging these days *sigh*. Inserting images into a Word document for someone else who can't be stuffed doing it isn't really what I had in mind as a job in a multimedia company!! Then again, most other MM companies here have gone broke, so I guess I should be grateful that I have a job ...!?! My brain is turning to putty...

There, I've got it out of my system now (ahem!)

It's been a good weekend for seeing movies. Well, a couple of 4.5 plane trips helped in that respect! I saw "Maid in Manhattan" on the plane on the way to Sydney, and "Catch Me If You Can" on the way home. And last night Kirsty had 2 free tickets to see "Anger Management". Personally, I wouldn't have paid to see any of them in the cinema, but considering that I didn't have to pay to see any of them anyway, I can't complain! I am definitely not an Adam Sandler fan! The ones on the plane were ok though..

My trip to Sydney was great, even if the flight there was not so great. The plane landed so hard, some of the oxygen masks fell down!! Between the flight being a little delayed in leaving Perth, and then the aerobridge not wanting to connect to the plane so we could get off it in Sydney, I didn't get off the plane until after 11 pm!!
But since that is only 9pm Perth time, it wasn't so bad.

There were 4 of us from Perth in Sydney for the APESMA National Assembly. Three of us are on the Assembly (Barry is the National President, and both he and Jillian, the WA Branch President, represent WA. I represent Scientists), and the fourth, Rocco, was a proxy for the Architects. The meeting went really well - it was actually reasonably fun, as far as meetings go! It was my 4th National Assembly meeting, so I now know most people on the Assembly, and know what is going on.

I didn't end up catching up with Jason.. not sure what happened there, but I will see him at the end of May at the Rotaract Preconvention in Brisbane.

I did get a number of letters answered on the weekend, on the plane on the way to Sydney, and on the Saturday night. Yay!! I still have a lot more to write though.. I didn't get any written on the way home though, because Jillian and I sat next to each other on the plane and spent a lot of the time chatting. :)