SimDragon's Journal

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

I hope everyone had a nice Easter... I'm back at work after a 4 day long weekend, and I must say I am glad there are only 3 working days this week!

The weather was beautiful on the weekend - they kept forecasting rain / storms, but it never eventuated.. it was actually quite warm too, around 30 degrees.
I spent a little time outside - gardening mostly. Easter was quite relaxing, mainly because I spent a fair amount of time trying to shake of the cold I finally developed. I finally feel a lot better today, but then again I have been drinking a lot of rosemary tea and taking tablets & herbals prescribed by my new naturopath.

I spent Good Friday at my sister's house, eating hot cross buns and playing Nintendo. I didn't get around to catching up with other family members... I must make a point of phoning them tonight!

I'm working on a couple of new sections of my web site.. I currently have a private page of links I access a lot, and I figure they might be of use to other people! So stay tuned for 2 new pages, which should be appearing in the next day or two... Well, my ISP - iiNet - appears to be down at the moment, so I guess no changes will be appearing until they manage to fix things.