SimDragon's Journal

Friday, April 11, 2003

From my vantage point at the rear end of UWA, it didn't seem like we had all that much rain yesterday, but I was sent some digital pics that indicated otherwise. Apparently the centre of Perth (only about 6 km away) was flooded! That's almost like us receiving snow (which incidentally has never happened..) The rain has already made a huge difference to my garden - the beans, capsicums, lemon tree and cherry tomatoes are all sporting a myriad of new flowers, as are a variety of my herbs. The roses are out in force in my front yard too. The only downside is that my garden is a little too green now - the weeds are loving the rain as much as the other plants.

"Heavy rain" has been forecast again today, but so far I have only seen a smattering of it as I was driving to work. The sun is out at the moment. I don't mind it raining today, as long as it doesn't rain (too much) tomorrow, as I plan to go shopping with Kirsty. :)