SimDragon's Journal

Monday, March 24, 2003

Welcome to my new blog...!

I figure since I have been really slow in answering my mail for the past year or so, that it might be worth trying to document here some of the more interesting things I have been up to lately! I'm usually pretty bad at trying to keep a journal / diary, but since I sit in front of a computer all day at work I might have more luck in updating this from time to time!

I encourage friends and penpals alike to drop me a line here now and then as well!

Let's see.. this weekend just gone was great - very relaxing. A lot of the weekend was spent helping Kirsty celebrate her 26th birthday (who is Kirsty? Check Kirsty's website or the photos on my Wedding page as Kirsty was one of my bridesmaids). A large group of us went out to dinner at Siena's in Leederville on Friday night, then a much smaller group of us spent yesterday afternoon relaxing over a large brunch. Despite a forecast of rain, the weather was beautiful, allowing us to relax outside and enjoy a BBQ (I did most of the cooking!).

I also spent Saturday afternoon outside at another BBQ, but the weather wasn't quite as nice. The temperature was great, but it drizzled a little now and then.. but not enough to warrant going inside.