SimDragon's Journal

Thursday, March 27, 2003

The weather is finally starting to cool down now - autumn is finally making its presence known, after the season starting with 3 days of 40 degrees C and above!
This is the second day that I have worn a long sleeve shirt, though I suspect today it is not so much the outside temperature as the airconditioning in my office. I guess I will know for sure when I wander over to Agriculture shortly for a meeting.

The weather is still gorgeous outside - lovely and sunny. Perth is definitely the sunniest capital city in Australia! It is a pity to be inside. It has been a great summer (and early autumn) being able to do so much outdoors - outdoor concerts and cinemas, BBQs, picnics... I never got around to going rollerblading though :( That is definitely on my to-do list for next summer!

I just checked the current temperature - it is 23 degrees. A little on the chilly side for me... once it gets below 25 I go long sleeve!